(fluoromethoxy)benzene C7H7FO 87453-27-8

  •  (fluoromethoxy)benzene C7H7FO 87453-27-8
(fluoromethoxy)benzene C7H7FO 87453-27-8

Product name: (fluoromethoxy)benzene C7H7FO 87453-27-8

Category: Fluoromethylation



container:Glass bottle


Product introduction:

Chemical Names: fluoromethyl phenyl ether, (fluoromethoxy)benzene, fluoromethoxybenzene, 3-Fluoromethoxybenzene, 4-fluoromethoxybenzene, Fluormethyl-phenyl-aether
CAS Registry Number(s): 87453-27-8 Substance type: isocyclic
Molecular Formula: C7H7FO Linear Structure Formula: C7H7OF
Molecular Weight: 126.13 No of references: 22

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