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Quzhou Fluorio Pharmtech Co.,Ltd. , located in Chengnan Development Zone, Longyou, Zhejiang,China.We are a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research,  and outsourcing of fluorine-containing medicines and intermediates. In the R&D of key intermediates for monofluoro-targeted anti-tumor drugs,  institutions, enterprises, and multinational pharmaceutical companies have already been our customers.

"Be Innovative,Be persistent,Don‘t be evil.",as a corporate culture,we believe we will shine in the filed of fluorine medicine.

Fluorio has 800 square meters medical standard laboratory,including GC, HPLC, fume hood, distillation column, 200ml-100L reactor, sewage treatment device, exhaust gas adsorption device. COD, ammonia nitrogen, SS multi-function detection instrument, high-precision PH meter, active cooling cycle machine, freezer, etc.

Fluorio has many years of experience in the custom development of fluorochemical synthesis, and has been a senior expert in the industry for more than 10 years. We are at the forefront in the development of fluoromethylation reagents, and has unique experience in combining with fluorochemical properties in alkylation, sulfonation, and acylation.

Fluorio has already supplied routinely with more than 30 kinds of self-developed products, and can also provide chemical customization of gram to 100 kilograms and research and development of new drug raw materials, especially for the development of fluorine-containing chemicals and new fluorine-containing drugs.


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